Are you planning to own a pet?

Bringing a pet home can be a long and often confusing process. Pets can often be found through animal shelters and rescue groups as each year, millions of animals are surrendered to shelters and rescues by loving families who lack access to pet-friendly homes or veterinary care, while others are victims of brutality.
Pupchu is a platform where pets can be found or registered. We attempted to organise the process of bringing home a dog for animal lovers.
A vast number of animals (dogs, cats, bunnies, and birds) are looking for loving homes and caretakers. Pupchu bridges the gap here, you can find a pet and its comprehensive profile
before bringing one home.


In this section, we provide a platform where you can find another home for your pet without selling or buying. Moreover, any deal made out of the listing then it is done at the individual risk as we do not promote any buying or selling of pets.  

Steps to own a Pet!!

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