Bedlington Terrier

by Pupchu on Feb 08, 2023

The Bedlington Terriers was recognized as a breed by the AKC in 1885

About the Breed

Graceful terriers in sheep's clothing, Bedlington Terriers, named for the English mining shire where they were first bred, are genial housemates, alert watchdogs, versatile athletes, and irresistibly cuddly TV-time companions.

Bedlingtons are lithe, energetic Englishmen. The crisp, curly coat; arched back; tasseled ears; scimitar-shaped tail; and fleecy, pear-shaped head are identifying features of this one-of-a-kind breed. As the curvy contours indicate, there's  sighthound Whippet, most likely in their family tree. Bedlingtons move with a light, springy step and when roused to pursuit can run like the wind. Rollicking, charming, and full of fun, Bedlingtons want most to be their family's center of attention and are known to be protective of loved ones. For an active family looking for a no-shedding, lively, and loyal companion, the search might end here.

Vaccination Advice

The best advice to call your veterinarian before You pick up that new member of the family and ask to have the puppy examined as soon as you become the owner. During medical the examination the veterinarian will look at the puppy’s medical/vaccination history. If the breeder has given vaccinations just recently. And your veterinarian is confident that it was done properly, a recommendation will be made regarding when to come in for the next “booster” injection of vaccine. If the puppy is healthy and unvaccinated, your veterinarian will suggest vaccinating right away.